Www.gpharmaplus.com Reviews: See Whether You Should Order from the Pharmacy

Ordering medication online was easier a couple of years ago when there were not as many rogue stores as there is today. Today, when you are trying to order you meds online, not unless you are absolutely sure that the store that you are ordering your meds from is genuine, the chances of being tricked and receiving fake meds are 9 out of 10. 90% of online stores are rogue. For this reason, checking pharmacy reviews before ordering is an important step. Global Pharmacy Plus is a Canadian pharmacy that has been offering their services to hundreds of thousands of customers since the year 2005.

The store offers a 100% money back guarantee. This applies when you receive low-quality meds or don’t receive your meds. The store claims that every customer gets a chance to save more than 75% on all the popular brand name drugs and generic drugs. The main drugs that they offer help in the treatment of chronic conditions such as Diabetes and Asthma. They have drugs that can be used by men to eliminate erectile dysfunction and hair loss. These are not the only drugs available. They have more drugs. The online store offers their buyers a chance to reach their customer support department easily. They have both a fax number which is 1-855-475-7797 and a phone number which is 1-855-475-7782.

Www.GPharmacyPlus.com User Reviews

When we were looking for the reviews for Global Pharmacy Plus, we noticed that these were not on their own website. They were available on an external website. This is good since the reviews that are not on companies websites are usually better and more genuine since they are written by real people and the business usually doesn’t have the ability to modify the reviews. The following are some of the reviews for Global Pharmacy Plus:

Global Pharmacy Plus User Testimonial

Global Pharmacy Plus User Testimonial

The first reviewer says that Global Pharmacy Plus has all the prescription drugs that he takes. The website is easily accessible and easy to navigate to find even the brand name meds. The store has competitive prices. The items usually arrive within two weeks. The second reviewer reports that he found it easy to place his order and the order was shipped as promised.

Global Pharmacy Plus User Rating (Source: http://www

Global Pharmacy Plus User Rating (Source: http://www.bizrate.com/reviews/global-pharmacy-plus/277998)

Babs reports that the process of ordering went smoothly. The reorder page requested a prescription and her doctor faxed the prescription. The whole prescription ordering process took Babs just a couple of minutes to complete. She says that Global Pharmacy Plus is a good place to do business. The second reviewer claims that Global Pharmacy Plus is a great place that allows him to pay less for his meds. The final reviewer claims that he is able to save a lot of money. He pays only 80 dollars for his meds including the shipping price. He pays 450 dollars for the same meds in the local stores. The meds that he gets are still from recognized pharmaceutical companies.

The majority of reviews available on the web are positive. The reviewers claimed that the prices favored them and the delivery was smooth. The drugs that they received were genuine.

Www.GPharmacyPlus.com Viagra

Viagra is a product of a pharmaceutical giant known as Pfizer. Pfizer is no longer the sole manufacturer of Viagra. Since they lost the patent for sildenafil citrate which is Viagra active ingredient, other companies have been producing generic versions of the drug. The price for the drug in local stores is too high. The drug does not cost less than 70 dollars a pill. This is a price that is exorbitant and unaffordable for many. At Global Pharmacy Plus, the price of the drug is as follows:

Global Pharmacy Plus Viagra Price

Global Pharmacy Plus Viagra Price

The first part of the above price list indicates the prices for the generic Viagra. The price for a 25 mg generic Viagra pill is $2.25. The price for a 50 mg pill of generic sildenafil citrate is the same. The price for the 100 mg tablet is the same for the 20-pill package and the 40-pill package. The price is 3.25 dollars for a pill. The price for the 30-pill package is 98 dollars which means that each pill is 3.27 dollars. The cost of the Viagra from Pfizer is $12 for a pill. This price is for the 25 mg pill, 50 mg pill, and the 100 mg pill.

Www.GPharmacyPlus.com Mail Order

Based on the reviews that we have already looked at in this article, we can already confirm that Global Pharmacy Plus delivers the ordered packages on time. One reviewer has told us that his products arrive in a period of not more than two weeks. In general, depending on where you reside, your product should arrive in a period of about 2 to 3 weeks. This tells you that if you depend on the meds that you are ordering in order to maintain your health, you have to place your refill order about 3 weeks before your current meds run out. Global Pharmacy Plus does deliver real drugs. This is also something that has been confirmed in the reviews. The store offers you a 100% money back guarantee. Therefore, if your product is shipped and you don’t receive it, you get your money back.


From the reviews that we have already looked at, we can verify that Global Pharmacy Plus is a safe store that you can deal with and not have any troubles. They have nice prices, they have an easy to use website and their delivery time is ideal. The store asks for a prescription for the drugs which need one. This tells you that they are legit.

The web is filled with pharmacies that are not real. We encourage our readers to avoid using guesswork to figure out which pharmacy will offer them the best services. Doing this is the fastest way to getting tricked by scammers. What you need to do is use proven pharmacies. These are available in our highly-rated catalog.