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Www Canadadrugs Com: A Trustworthy Canadian Online Store

Due to the rising costs of prescription meds, a man known as Kris Thorkelson founded Canada drugs back in the year 2001. This was in order to help people save money without having to use their time and money to travel all the way to Canada to get their meds. Drugs can be ordered using the phone, you can use a fax, and you can order your medications quite easily via the Canada Drugs website. Since the establishment of Canada Drugs, the online store has managed to refill prescriptions for more than seven million people the majority of whom live outside Canada.

The store offers to ship all the meds they sell to their consumers without charging anything. They claim that they offer the best prices and within the 17 years they have been operating, they have managed to save their customers more than 1 billion dollars. They source their medications from various countries including New Zealand, the UK, Australia, and Canada. They have both prescription and non-prescription meds. They need a patient to have a valid prescription before they can dispense any prescription medication. When we visited their website, they indicated that this website would not be operational as from July 13th, 2018. They cited the reason for this to be the plea agreement they had entered with the US Department of Justice.

Www.CanadaDrugs.Com Reviews

We decided to confirm whether the services offered by Canada Drugs are as awesome as they claim. To do this, we had to look for the reviews that people who have used their services had written. These were available on various reviews channels including the BBB official website and Facebook. The following are the reviews that we obtained on their Facebook page:

Canada Drugs User Testimonials (source: https://web

Canada Drugs User Testimonials (source: https://web.facebook.com/pg/CanadaDrugs/reviews/?ref=page_internal)

Starr has rated Canada Drugs 5 stars. This shows that she was happy with the services that the pharmacy offered her. She has been using the pharmacy for over 8 years. She says that she has always received great services from everyone at the store. The store always reminds her to refill her prescription. They offer her prompt attention.

Keith says that he is a huge fan of Canada Drugs. His insurance does not cover some of his medications. These are the meds that he gets from Canada Drugs. The price is less than a fifth of the price the United States pharmacies sell the same meds.

Jill says that she loves Canada Drugs. She has been using this company for probably 8 years and they have never disappointed her. The shipping does not take long. She also advises against waiting until the last minute to reorder meds. She says that you do not want to risk a tap in your treatment as you are waiting for the order to arrive.

From the reviews, we can determine that Canada Drugs is a great pharmacy that offers great services to their customers. However, the problem is that they are closing their online store. This means that people who were depending on them to get access to cheap prescription medication will no longer have access to them. However, we have a solution. In our catalog, you will be able to find a list of top-rated pharmacies located in Canada. Use them to get your meds.

CanadaDrugs.com Cialis

Cialis treats erectile dysfunction. This is a condition that is very common among men. The drug is expensive in the local stores. A single pill of the brand Cialis that has 20 mg tadalafil in it will cost you 70 dollars. This is a price that favors people who have enough money such that they don’t have to worry about their budget. The price for Cialis at Canada Drugs is as follows:

Canada Drugs Cialis Cost

Canada Drugs Cialis Cost

The Eli Lilly branch located in Australia sells the most expensive Cialis tablets. The pill will cost you $34.87. The pill from Canada is the cheapest. It will cost you 19.43 dollars per pill. The pill from New Zealand will cost you 24.88 dollars. The pill from the United Kingdom has two different prices. The first one is 22.86 dollars while the other is 20.60 dollars.

Canada Drugs Generic Cialis Price

Canada Drugs Generic Cialis Price

Canada Drugs sells only 2 brands of generic Viagra. The first one is from Canada and it is the most expensive. A pill will cost you 17.09 dollars. The other one is from the United Kingdom. The UK pill will cost you 16.42 dollars. The price for Canada Drugs Generic Cialis is high when you compare it with the following price from one of the top-rated pharmacies in our catalog:

Cheap Generic Cialis Price Online

Cheap Generic Cialis Price Online

When you use one of the top-rated Canadian pharmacies in our catalog, you will pay a maximum of $3.54 for a pill of generic Cialis. You can reduce this price when you buy the drug in bulk.

Canada Drugs Phone Number

Contacting Canada Drugs is quite easy. They have their toll-free number which is 1-800-226-3784. They have a phone number for international callers which is 1-204-654-7964. They have TTY service for the hearing impaired which is 1-877-258-7006. Their toll-free fax number is 1-800-988-5440. Their international fax is 1-204-258-7009. You can send them an email using [email protected]


Canada Drugs is a pharmacy that seems to offer great services such that their customers get satisfied. However, they have higher prices as proven in the comparison for their generic Cialis price with the one you find in one of the top-rated pharmacies in our catalog. The store is closing their online pharmacy on July 13th, 2018. This means that people who have been using them will have to look for other options. However, you don’t have to worry. You will not need to start searching for web pharmacies which can put you at the risk of getting scammed quite easily. We have already investigated numerous web pharmacies. The ones which have passed our strict conditions have been placed in our catalog. You can use these pharmacies to get cheaper drugs and eliminate the possibility of dealing with scam sites which may send fake drugs or steal from you.