Prescription Medications On Line – Wholesale Prices

Prescription Medications On Line – Wholesale Prices, Directly Sourced from the Manufacturers

Many people are struggling with the prices of prescription medications on the local stores because of their expensive costs. The USA is not the only country with ridiculously high prices for prescription meds but other countries as well, making it difficult for people to obtain the drugs that could make their health better. Since the main hindrance is the price, many people are unable to get their hands on the medicines that they need and they end up with prolonged illnesses, making their health conditions worse. But there’s an answer to this problem and people don’t have to endure the prohibitive drug costs anymore. Instead of getting their drugs locally, they can now buy their prescription medications online.

Some may think that it makes no difference since online pharmacies are just online extensions of the already existing local pharmacies. This may be true to some extent but the majority of online pharmacies are independent stores that sell prescription medications at affordable prices. In purchasing online, customers can save for up to 90% of the money that they usually spend at local pharmacies. This big savings on their medicines enables the customer to save more and do more things with their money.

The drugs sold at the local drugstores are no different from the meds sold by pharmacy websites since both of them are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. All the products that are sold by the online pharmacies are also sourced from reputable pharmaceutical companies which assures the customers that they will be getting drugs of high quality. But some customers may wonder why they are cheaply priced and the answer is because online pharmacies are directly getting them from the manufacturers themselves. With the manufacturers as the direct source of the medicines, online pharmacy sites get them at wholesale prices which largely benefits the customers that buy from them.

The other reason for the affordable prices of the online pharmacies for their prescription medications is because they sell generic versions of them. Local drugstores are always pushing for the sale of branded meds since they cost a lot more but online stores educate their customers about the benefits of using generic drugs. Generic drugs are not inferior or weaker versions of the expensive prescription drugs as what the common misconception is. Generics are exact reproductions of brand-name medications and are equals in terms of formulation, strength, and effectiveness. The generic meds use the exact same ingredients as the expensive brands and the only reason that they’re cheaper is because their manufacturing costs are low. Unlike the original manufacturers who have spent millions or even billions of dollars in researching and developing a new drug, generic manufacturers simply reproduce an already existing drug which costs a lot less.

Of course, prescription medicines require prescriptions from the patient’s physician. Without prescriptions, the customers would not be allowed to purchase prescription drugs. Just like at local pharmacies, some online drugstores require their clients to provide prescriptions prior to buying their medicines. But not all online pharmacies practice this as some of them sell medicines to customers without requiring them to provide any prescriptions. Somehow, this is a lot easier and it saves the customers more money since doctor consultations have fees. Without requiring customers to provide prescriptions, online pharmacies have made purchasing meds a convenient experience for many people which also gives them the opportunity to save.

Consumer Updates – How to Buy Medicines Safely from an Online Pharmacy

Although purchasing medicines online is easier and more convenient to do, there are also risks that the customers should avoid. A large majority of online pharmacies may be legitimate but some pharmacy websites are actually fraudulent and are operated by scammers. These counterfeit pharmacies compromise the safety of the unsuspecting customers, exposing them to a host of other risks that could endanger their finances and personal information which are linked through their debit and credit cards. To buy medicines safely from an online pharmacy and avoid these dangerous sites, customers should always use the services which are provided for free by pharmacy checking websites. These sites are simple to use and all the customers have to do is to put in the domain name of the pharmacy site in a box supplied on their sites. After hitting enter, the customers should see all the information about the site and the verdict on whether it is a legitimate online pharmacy or a rogue site.



Websites like Legit Script and Scam Adviser can help the customers a lot in checking the safety of certain online drugstores.

Buy Cheap Prescription Drugs Online

Almost all online pharmacies offer cheap prices for their prescription drugs. But customers should beware since not all bargains on the web are for real. Most fraudsters know that the weakness of most customers are bargains that’s why they use it as a strategy to lure in unsuspecting people. But we already know about these things and we know that online safety is the priority. Buyers should only stick with the online pharmacies that are already tested to avoid falling for the fake ones. To spot the fakes, the customers should only check its domain name. If there is no padlock icon before it and it only uses HTTP instead of HTTPS, then it is not a genuine pharmacy.

A Secure Website; Has a Padlock Icon and Uses HTTPS

A Secure Website; Has a Padlock Icon and Uses HTTPS

If they will see a padlock icon and the beginning of the domain name is HTTPS, then it is a safe online drugstore.

The Smart Way to Save on Prescription Drugs

Purchasing medicines from legal and certified safe online pharmacies is the smartest way to get savings in buying prescription drugs. Buying them locally would cost the customers a fortune while getting them online will leave them with more money to spare. Since some of them don’t require any prescriptions, it would again be additional savings for the customers.


Prescription medications online is just the same as the ones sold locally only that they cost a lot less. Customers need not spend much money for them since most of them are on wholesale prices, directly sourced from the drug manufacturers themselves. Online pharmacies are also abundant in generics, providing customers cheaper options to select from. For the online pharmacies that sell affordable prescription medications, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.