Canadian Prescription Drugstore Reviews

Canadian Prescription Drugstore Reviews: Can You Trust the Drugs You Receive?

Irrespective of where you are living in the world, you have the ability to refill your meds from Canada. As a matter of fact, there is no reason as to why you should continue paying exorbitant prices in the stores available in your locality. Millions of people have been buying their drugs from Canada. For some people, this can be really confusing. However, what these people are yet to understand is that no one needs to travel to Canada just to get their prescriptions refilled anymore. All you need to do is to use the web services that pharmacies located in Canada provide.

If you are planning on refilling your next prescription from Canada, you need to know that choosing an online pharmacy is not as easy as you think. It is not as easy as keying in the terms “Canadian Pharmacy” in a searching engine and then clicking on the first pharmacy that shows up in the results. Out of the more than 35000 pharmacies available on the web, there are less than 10% which are genuine. Using a search is a sure way of ordering your prescription meds from a scam site. What you receive will not help you. It will mess your health even more. You may not receive the counterfeit drugs but you will have lost your cash. To determine whether a Canadian prescription online drugstore is genuine, there are several factors that have to be checked. One of these factors are the reviews.

Canadian Prescription Drugstore User Reviews

Since reputable Canadian med sellers are available on the web, it means that there is a chance that we can find the reviews and prove it to you. We have already done this. The following are the reviews for the reputable Canadian drug stores that sell genuine prescription meds.

Legit Canadian Pharmacy Reviews (source: https://www

Legit Canadian Pharmacy ReviewsKent K. says that the Canadian pharmacy from which he sources his meds is outstanding. In comparison to the local stores located in the United States, Kent says that the Canadian pharmacy offers the best prices. Their prices are reasonable. Their service is outstanding. They have an awesome customer service department.

Joseph P. states that the Canadian pharmacy has knowledgeable and competent representatives. They also have prompt service that anyone can rely on. Anthony G. says that he always receives good products. The Canadian pharmacy has a great phone staff who are very knowledgeable. His shipment always arrives in a timely manner.

Leigh D. says that she always had a pleasant experience when dealing with the Canadian drugstore. They offer her undivided attention and it is great. She was offered help a year ago with making payments on her medications and it was a life saver for her. She says that no one in the United States would do this for her. She appreciates the Canadian drugstores for all the help that they have offered her.

The above reviews prove that Canadian prescription drugstores are available. But, you have to choose carefully in order to receive genuine drugs. The quickest way to find genuine Canadian drug stores is to use the Canadian prescription drug stores available in our catalog.

Are Canadian Prescription Drug Stores Legal?

There are several things that have to be considered before you can conclude on whether a Canadian drugstore is legal or illegal. One of these is their accreditation status by the regulating bodies. The most famous Canadian pharmacies regulating body is known as CIPA and it has been around for more than 15 years. CIPA stands for Canadian International Pharmacy Association. The pharmacies which have been accredited by this association have the CIPA official logo on their websites. Checking whether a website has this logo may not be the best way to determine whether a store is genuine or not. We have noticed that some rogue stores will place the logo on their website to trick consumers. A better way is to use CIPA’s official website to search for the domain name of the pharmacy.

Another thing that determines whether a pharmacy is legitimate is whether the store requests a prescription when the medication requires one. This is a rule that may apply differently in different countries. Some of the meds considered as being prescription drugs in some countries are over the counter drugs in other countries. Therefore, just because a pharmacy did not request a prescription from you for a med that is considered as being a prescription med in your country it does not mean that it immediately falls in the rogue category.

Trying to determine a legitimate Canadian prescription drugstore on your own can be exhausting. It will take your money and you might even make a mistake and end up taking fake meds without realizing it. Instead of having to go through all this, use the pharmacies in our catalog.

Canadian Prescription Drugs Prices

The best way to convince you that you have been paying really high prices for your drugs is to show you a comparison of these prices with the ones available in the Canadian pharmacies and the money that you will be able to save. The following price list should show you everything:

Canadian Prescription Prices

Canadian Prescription Prices

To summarize everything, the least that you will be able to save is 86%. The highest you will save is 97%. With such a great price deal, there is no reason as to why you should continue ordering your meds from local stores.


The prices available in the Canadian prescription drug stores are low. The quality of drugs that you receive is great. This has already been confirmed by the reviews that we have looked at. Prices are being used nowadays by scam stores to entice unsuspecting customers so that they can steal their money and every bit of information including credit card data. It is important to avoid random online stores no matter how real they look. Use stores that have been investigated by experts and proven to offer great services. We have these in our catalog.