Canadian Medstore

Canadian Medstore: A US-Based Company For Your Pharmaceutical Needs

One of the greatest benefits of our boom in technology today is the convenience that is afforded to us through machines and wireless networks such as the internet. Through this, we can communicate with others who are miles away and purchase things that we may not normally be able to get, and in such a short time period, too. Since the dawn of the new century, online pharmacies have been getting a lot of attention, both from consumers and medical critics alike. One of these is a company called the Canadian Medstore.

Found at, Canadian Medstore is an online company that helps you save your hard-earned money and your precious time while buying medications. While it may be named the Canadian Medstore, this website isn’t based in Canada, but actually in the US. The business is just called as such due to the fact that they are able to safely and legally import their medications from Canada. Canada has been known to produce their medications at much lower rates than those commonly found in the US, and since the location is nearby, US citizens will often try to be Canadian-developed drugs to save up on their purchases.

Canadian Medstore Tampa

As stated earlier, you can find Canadian Medstore’s base of operations in the US, specifically in Florida. All of the company’s physical locations are found at this US State at the following areas: Tampa, Largo, Altamonte Springs, Lakeland, Zephyrhills, and Tarpon Springs. If you would like to get your medications directly from them and you live in the area, then it wouldn’t be much trouble for you to pick up your prescription from there. You can even call their toll free number for more inquiries.

A Local Review for the Actual Pharmacy

A Local Review for the Actual Pharmacy

However, if you are not a US citizen, or you are but you don’t live anywhere even remotely close to Florida, you have nothing to fear. Aside from being a US-based company, this pharmacy is able to ship its goods to a large global pharmacy network consisting of countries from around the world like New Zealand, Turkey, Australia, and India, to name a few. This means that as long as you live in one of these countries, you can still get your desired medication shipped to you. When you’ve decided that you want to purchase their goods, you must register by giving your prescription, doctor and personal information, as well as choosing your method of payment.

Canadian Medstore Reviews

An important part of choosing an online pharmacy to purchase medications from is finding out whether the general public views them well. Canadian Medstore hasn’t had much in the way of reviews, unfortunately. However, one review from, a score breakdown of which can be seen below, has rated the pharmacy at moderate levels, which gives the impression that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The points are mostly shaved off of customer support and delivery speed, the two lowest scored factors in their review.

Online Reviews for Canadian Medstore Seem to Be Mediocre

Online Reviews for Canadian Medstore Seem to Be Mediocre

This view may be due mostly to the fact that the site does not provide international home numbers, which will make the communication to other countries much more sluggish. The company, however, only sells drugs that are approved by organizations like the FDA and the WHO, and employees on the call are all medical professionals, which makes the website more credible. Interestingly enough, another online pharmacy website with the address has gained a large number of unfavorable reviews for being a highly unreliable vendor. Thankfully, however, the website is no longer active.

Is The Canadian Medstore Safe?

Online pharmacy stores have had a rocky relationship with the media and many legal organizations, so it is no wonder why many people would ask whether it is really safe. Canada has been a large producer of the world’s supposed online pharmacy count, with a large number of these websites hosting names with Canada in them. However, it has been discovered that most of these fake online websites aren’t even actually from Canada, and are being hosted by illegal vendors who want to make a quick and easy profit with counterfeit medications.

One of Many Sites for Checking the Validity of Pharmacies

One of Many Sites for Checking the Validity of Pharmacies

Due to the high degree of risk that comes from engaging with an unknown online store, there are a number of resources that you can access online that will help you figure out whether you can put your trust into a certain site or not. For example, shown with its homepage above, gives you a quick and succinct explanation to the risks of buying from illegal pharmacies and then gives you a list of some verified ones that are serving in different countries. You can also our personal list of recommendations for the top online pharmacies that we’ve found.


Canadian Medstore, which can be found through its website at, is a company that hosts a pharmacy based in Florida, US. This store has several physical locations within the state but also caters to a growing global market of consumers from a select number of countries. In order to get the medications you need, you have to go to their website, input the necessary information, and then call them through their given phone numbers to validate your prescription. After which, they will just send you the medications to the address you’ve specified.

The medications supplied by this store are only the ones that have been approved by several of the world’s government health organizations, and they have employed licensed physicians and pharmacists to help their clients. However, for the most part, it seems that they cannot cater as well to their international community as they do to their local one, given that shipping schedules seem to go slowly and they have little help when it comes to customer service. If you would like to find more online pharmacies that are reliable and licensed to sell medications, check our top recommendations list here.