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Canadian Health and care Mall: What Reputation Does This Online Pharmacy Hold?

Nearly everyone has had the experience of having to buy their own medications or taking medications. It’s usually never pleasant, but it certainly helps treat whatever illness or condition we may be suffering from. You would usually need to go to a drug store or a pharmacy in order to buy medications, but what if you could get them as easily as opening a webpage and buying them online? The convenience of online pharmacies has gained the attention of many consumers around the world, especially towards Canadian-based pharmacies, such as Canadian Health & Care Mall. So what kind of pharmacy mall is this website?

Canadian Health & Care Mall is an online store from which you can purchase a very large number of different kinds of medications. Since online pharmacies like this were first created and introduced, they have helped many persons who are in need of this service. This includes people who may be too sick to go out of their way to a local pharmacy, or those who cannot find their needed drug in their own country. Ordering is an easy enough task, as they have a clear step by step guide on how to find your needed pills, add them to your cart, and get them sent to you. You will need to provide your address and billing information in order to receive the package and pay for it, but the site assures that they’ve set up a security system that protects against information theft.

The pharmacy has vowed that it only sells safe and tested medications from validated suppliers. As with many online pharmacies, their bestsellers seem to be men’s health medications such as erectile dysfunction pills. In fact, they will often offer, joint deals for different kinds of ED pills at a low price. They also offer coupon codes on their site, which will lessen the value of prices even more.

Canadian Healthcare Pharmacy

Canadian Health & Care Mall seems to have been around for a long time, because they have a few other websites floating around the web, as well. The shot below is of the new version of the website, which even displays the website discussed above in a link to the left of the webpage. Both sites are essentially the same and operate under the same pharmacy business. While it might seem counterintuitive for them to create more than one website, it actually ensures that even if people misspell the web address wrong, they can find themselves in the right pharmacy.

Canadian Health & Care Malls Other Website

Canadian Health & Care Mall’s Other Website

Both sites offer a wide range of products that aren’t just from Canada but are actually imported from different countries of the world and resold to those who would otherwise have no idea about these other pills. They also provide a hearty amount of articles concerning different conditions, medications and, general information about online pharmacies on their site.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Review

One of the first things that many people do when encountering a new business is to check the reviews available and get a gist of the establishment’s reputation amongst consumers who have already used it. While Canadian Health & Care Mall does have testimonials from users posted up on its website, this, unfortunately, isn’t a good place to start as they could have been manufactured by the pharmacy itself to bolster their reputation.

Positive Review for the Site

Positive Review for the Site

One website, linked above, is dedicated to giving consumers a voice for their reviews. The above review was a mostly positive one from an anonymous user. While they do admit that the website has its flaws, they were satisfied with the service overall since the pharmacy provided them with a gratifyingly more affordable alternative, along with free shipping and bonuses.

Negative Feedback of the Service

Negative Feedback of the Service

On the other hand, a large number of the reviews are actually negative, with many people stating they were scammed out of their money. Many customers said that they were never given their order, and even after calling customer service, who proceeded only to assure them to re-try the order, they didn’t come out of it with any product, nor did they get a refund for their trouble. While this may not reflect all instances of the pharmacy’s services, the alarming amount of negative feedback leaves you with several doubts about the site’s reputation.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Aside from Canadian Health & Care Mall, there are plenty of other sites that are better able to provide their consumers with assurance as to the quality of their service. Pharmacy Mall is one such site. At the bottom of their main page, you can see certifications from CIPA and Pharmacy Checker, two websites that have reputations for verifying legitimate Canadian pharmacies, which Canadian Health & Care Mall actually lacks.

Pharmacy Mall Homepage

Pharmacy Mall Homepage

Aside from this, Pharmacy Mall has been known to have impeccable service when it comes to sending medications and making sure that customers are having a good time with the products they receive. Verified sites like these should be your first choice when buying online medications.


Canadian Health & Care Mall is an online pharmacy business whose main service is providing cheap Canadian medications to users who purchase them wherever they may be in the world. Due to their large stock of varying medications and cheap prices, there is no shortage of customers to this site. However, several outsider reviews show that the site doesn’t seem like all it is cracked up to be, with several persons complaining about not receiving their order and being scammed out of their money. Some people even got the wrong product and were not refunded the money they paid even when they didn’t receive their order. Consumers should be wary of using this site, and if possible, find a better site with a better reputation. In this case, you can find several trusted and accredited online pharmacies on our list here.