Canadameds A Fake Online Pharmacy Claiming Canadian Status

Canada is a country well-known for things like its maple leaf-adorned national flag, beautiful snowy landscapes, and well-mannered citizens, but in recent years, it’s been applauded for its excellent standards of healthcare and the system by which this operates. This has come to the point that many online pharmacies based from Canada have emerged to give Canadian-standard services to the international populace. This means that there are plenty of internet pharmacies from which you could order Canadian drugs. One good example of such a site would be How do the products and service here compare to others like it?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that Canadian online pharmacies are a dime a dozen, and there are way more out there than most people would believe. Due to the large number of them, people can have a hard time finding one to trust. In this case, looking for a website like is going to difficult since it seems that the website’s server has been taken down. This is very likely due to the fact that the website was not a legitimate pharmacy, to begin with. There are a few reviews online that remain as remnants of the website that it was a fraud business that tried to cheat people out of their cash by selling fake or nonexistent drugs.

While sadly there is a much greater number of pharmacies that are only pretending to be legitimate businesses, there are still many out there that are honest and certified vendors of medications. Take for example Canada Drugs, with their picture above. There are certain ways that you can identify a real website from a fake one, which will be discussed further.

Canada Meds

Just because a website says ‘Canadian’ or ‘Canada’ on it, it doesn’t mean you can trust it right away to actually be from Canada. This can often be used as a marketing ploy for fake pharmacies since they know that people are going to trust Canadian medications. Canadian medications are particularly sought-after by the international community since they are cheaper than prices from other popular Western countries like the US, while also having high quality. However, there has been a surge of Canadian pharmacies that are taking in meds from other countries creating quality generics of different meds, such as Turkey and India. Many are questioning the quality of these drugs, but if the scrutiny of the pharmacy can be trusted, then you can bet that the drugs will work.

Pharmacy Checker Homepage

Pharmacy Checker Homepage

One way to find genuine Canadian pharmacies is to check out sites such as Pharmacy Checker. They find out whether a website can be considered reputable or not by using a checklist of different criteria that the pharmacy has passed. You can look for a specific drug through this website and find out which pharmacies are selling it, as well as how much they’re being sold for. Thy only search through verified websites, so you can trust the results. Some websites will even list where the drug has been manufactured if that is something you are concerned about.

Pharmacy Compass Map Locator

Pharmacy Compass Map Locator

If you actually live in Canada proper and you want to look for a medication you badly need, then one way is to go on Pharmacy Compass. With this site, you can search a drug in your immediate area after you’ve selected a location. You can even see which stores are open to accommodate you. However, it only covers physical locations, and it does not work outside of Canada.

Canada Meds Review

Online pharmacies and the medications they are selling don’t have a lot of restrictions in as far as the law is concerned, especially since the lines are so blurred between policies and there isn’t a proper law enforcement group you can find online. Still, many associations are trying to act in lieu of such authorities by banding together to certify and license online pharmacies. One such organization is the CIPA.

CIPA Homepage

CIPA Homepage

The CIPA is composed of licensed, retail online pharmacies operating from Canada, and to be a part of this association means that your website has a greater measure of reliability than many others. Some criteria they employ to check a website’s validity is to see if the pharmacy has an actual physical location in Canada and if they ship from this location, whether the pharmacy asks for prescriptions from their customers, and maintains the privacy of the client’s medical information, to name a few.

Canadameds-24.Com is one other website that has since been taken off of internet servers, possibly due to its fraudulent nature. Many review sites still available today have mentioned this site as being one that you must avoid and which took advantage of clients and exploited them. This is yet another reminder to watch where you are buying your pills.


It would be unwise to believe everything you read, especially online. After all, many online pharmacies are running rampant, trying to convince different customers that they are legitimate businesses from Canada before fooling them into buying fake pills. Thankfully, this isn’t always the case. There are still a large number of reliable Canadian pharmacies out there. Their medications are the real deal and you can see that the prices are even more affordable than the ones you are used to. The only thing you will need to make sure of is that the site is a safe and legitimate one.

While reviews can take you far, and let you know the quality of a site’s service, it is better to rely on sites like Pharmacy Checker and check out organizations like CIPA. Both of these do their best to properly evaluate a website and the site’s reliability as a legal business, setting criteria that must be passed in order to be accredited. So if you see their logos on a website, you can rest assured in your choice of a pharmacy. If you need a place to get started, we have a good list of top-recommended online pharmacies found here.