Canadadrugstop Reviews

Canadadrugstop Reviews: A Website with A Canadian Name But Located In The US

Canadadrugstop is a Canadian online pharmacy as its name says. According to their About Us page, started operating in 2003. Their tagline says “trusted source of affordable international medications’ and they do offer generic and branded medicines at a very friendly price.

On their homepage, Canada Drug Stop shows a logo of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and Pharmacy Checkers. It also comes with an IPABC logo. Among the medicines they offer are diuretics, drugs to treat allergies, medicines to lower high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction drugs, among others. With the logo of CIPA and other health agencies, it means that this store has a license to sell these medicines. It also means that they are selling approved medications. Approved means safe and effective drugs that were tested by these health agencies. We tried to check if their medicines are FDA approved but we didn’t find any information to support it.

For their erectile dysfunction drugs, they offer Viagra for $65 for a pack of 4 and they offer Cialis for $77 for a pack of 10. ED drugs are prescription drugs and if you are going to order from this e-dispensary, you need to present a valid prescription. All orders are shipped within 48 to 72 hours, depending on when your payment is going to be approved. There is a standard shipping fee of $10.

Aside from ED drugs, this internet pharmacy also offers Xenical, Plavix, Norvasc, Lipitor, Zoloft, and Levitra.

If you are afraid to lose your money with a fraudulent website, you can feel ease with Canada Drug Stop because they offer insurance on all orders. This means that if anything happens to your order, the e-store will replace it for you free of charge.

All orders can be placed on their website. If you encounter an issue with their website, you can call their support team and asks for assistance. All orders are paid with a credit card. Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Canadadrugstop Reviews

With membership from known health organizations in Canada, we still want to validate whether Canada Drug Stop is indeed reliable. To check this, we did a few research to find some customer reviews for this online pharmacy.

The first review we found was about a very dissatisfied customer who gave it a rating of one star

The first review we found was about a very dissatisfied customer who gave it a rating of one star. The reason for his dissatisfaction was the delayed delivery that led him to wait for a month and a half instead of just 12 days. He said the order was sent from Turkey but the package got lost. Another package was resent. He had to talk to their customer service but the experience was also horrible.

Canadadrugstop Reviews

Canadadrugstop Reviews


Another research led us to a forum about Canada Drug Stop. Among the information, we gathered from the forum are as follows:

  • Canadadrugstop has a bad customer service team
  • Canadadrugstop does not provide invoice during delivery
  • Canadadrugstop don’t accept credit card sometimes

Aside from the horrible comments on the forum, we also found some good reviews and comments such as the following:

  • Canadadrugstop has good pricing
  • Canadadrugstop offers quality medicines
  • They require a prescription before dispensing Rx medicines

Based on the data we collected, one of the worst concern of Canadadrugstop customers is the horrible customer service. Aside from the bad customer service, everything seems to be okay such as the price and quality of the products they provide.

Canadadrugstop Promo Code

Canadadrugstop is selling medicines at the lowest price possible. With this tagline, it is clear that their pricing is at its lowest already. If they will offer coupon codes, it might look like they are just giving away their medicines.

As of this writing, we are unable to find coupon codes for this online pharmacy. They are not offering any perks or benefits as well. With the current price they have, there seems to be no need to give out a promotion to make their medicines more affordable. With a savings of up to 90%, who would need a promo code?

Canadadrugstop Contact Information

Canadadrugstop Contact Information

Canadadrugstop Contact Information

For online customers, it is important to have a number to call in case they encounter a problem with their online orders. This is something that Canadadrugstop wants to provide to their customers so they put up two phone numbers for support.

If you have questions, issues or you want to report something to Canadadrugstop, you can reach them via 1-877-210-3784 and 1-888-210-3777. These numbers are toll-free numbers.

In addition, Canada Drug Stop is also reachable via their ‘contact us’ page.


There are few things that we found out about Canada Drug Stop after doing some research about them. We found out that:

  • They started as an online pharmacy in 2003
  • They have one of the best prices for online medicines
  • They have good delivery service
  • Their customer service sucks and most customers hate them because they are not reliable and efficient
  • They have toll free numbers that customers can call as needed
  • They have mixed reviews because of their bad customer service
  • They are licensed by CIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and IPABC
  • Their shipping fee is a flat rate $10

Canada Drug Stop is a Canadian online pharmacy that offers Canadian, Indian, and American produced medicines. What we liked about this website is the information they provide on each drug they offer. They offer information such as proper dosage information, what it is for, how to use it, and basic description of the drug. Next to the information provided is a disclaimer that the facts provided are for informational purposes only. This online pharmacy discourages the use of this information for medical or diagnostic purposes.