BuyLowDrugs: Legit Overseas Pharmacy is a licensed online pharmacy in Canada that specializes in selling affordable drugs of both brand names and generic forms regardless of whether they are prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications. Buylowdrugs has been operational for about 10 years and has a client base of over 150,000 currently.

Buylowdrugs Reliable?

Buylowdrugs is regulated by the Canadian government and is purely an internet mail order pharmacy hence you have the surety of quality and price-friendly drugs. Buylowdrugs also provides you with information regarding the drugs you intend to purchase and all the possible alternatives to them (sometimes a condition is treated by several drugs and in these alternatives you may land a drug that is effective but more affordable than the other.

The main aim is to keep prescription drugs and other over-the-counter medications as affordable as possible. The Pharmacy understands that it is true that generic alternatives are as effective as their brand name counterparts and better still, is a lot cheaper hence will help you save money. All this information is available on their website for you as the client to make your own informed decision at the point of purchase.

Once you purchase from them you will not only benefit from the affordable and quality drugs you purchase but also from a team dedicated to offering you the best customer service. You are guaranteed of a website that is easy to navigate in and an easy step-by-step procedure of ordering for your medications on top of timely shipping of your order.

Buylowdrugs Legit?

Buylowdrugs has undergone all the tests and audits to ensure it transacts in businesses that are safe for your consumption. As such, if you searched for it on the websites that list the non-recommended online pharmacies, you are not likely to find it there. One such website is

                 Pharmacy Checker Approval of Buylowdrugs Online Pharmacy

Pharmacy Checker Approval of Buylowdrugs Online Pharmacy

The above illustration shows you that Buylowdrugs Pharmacy has been approved by Pharmacy Checker to ship drugs to any destination worldwide and that it has locations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and United Kingdom.

Buylowdrugs has been proved to sell generic drugs way cheaper as compared to brand name drugs and yet both have the same effect in treating any health conditions. That is the main reason Buylowdrugs has recorded a high number of satisfied clients over time. Reviews

If you need information; positive or negative, the most assured way is to go online where clients take to drop their views and feedback. Reviews will enable you to make an informed decision when you intend to purchase medications online. Buylowdrugs Pharmacy clients have had much to say as you find out below.

                     Online Client Feedback on Buylowdrugs Online Pharmacy

Online Client Feedback on Buylowdrugs Online Pharmacy

As you can see from the above customer feedback, ‘Mark C’ says he has been using Buylowdrugs Pharmacy for 5 years or so and has experienced nothing but outstanding service. He even received a follow-up call from them when his order differed from his usual orders and that to him was personalized service. He finds them very responsive and his deliveries take about a week from the order date. Even if it is a pain to drive to pick up his package, he finds it a small price to pay for the money he saves otherwise.

The second client ‘Ashar’ says that Buylowdrugs need to add tracking information to their shipment and that would earn them a 5-star rating from her. If you interpret that well, the only issue she has with them is the missing tracking information and every other thing is okay.

‘Anonymouse’, the third client, says that for the approximately 10 times in the 4 years he has ordered from Buylowdrugs, he finds them prompt when it comes to responsiveness via either phone or email. He also thinks their shipping is a little slower but he can deal with it. At the same time, their drug prices are significantly cheaper and their quality and effectiveness are great. He finishes by saying he will continue to order from them.

The last client feedback is from ‘steve1965’ and according to him; the pricing at Buylowdrugs Pharmacy is excellent. The same applies to shipping time and staff communication. He cites an example where he says his drugs cost him less by almost 50% and that the attendant was very patient with him, making sure he was totally satisfied. After receiving his package, he called back and was impressed that the same lady remembered him. He states too, that he was referred there by a friend of his who was Buylowdrugs’ client for 7 years. He is very appreciative of Buylowdrugs and loves them for their outstanding service.

From the above feedback, you can easily make a valid conclusion on the service offered to both Canadian and the entire world. As such, take online reviews seriously as they reflect the service you will encounter.

Buylowdrugs, just like any other online pharmacy, is subject to a legit check from any potential client. Apart from PharmacyChecker, there are other sites that can enable you to get a clear picture of the pharmacy. Examples are the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) and LegitScript among others. Be informed before you proceed with any purchase.

Once in a while, you will run into scam vendors laying bait so as to con you of your hard-earned money. Beware of cons and sham sites so that you are not a victim of online theft. When in doubt, do not hesitate to check online for our TOP List of recommended pharmacies where you will access quality and affordable service.