Buy Adderall Online Without Prescription

Buy Adderall Online Without Prescription: Is It Easy To Find Adderall Online?

Adderall is a prescription medicine indicated to treat ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and narcolepsy. ADHD is the inability of a person to concentrate for a long period while narcolepsy is the inability of a person to stay awake, even after sleeping for a period. Adderall works in the central nervous system and helps it get stimulated, resulting in longer concentration and more control to impulse.

Adderall is an oral treatment. It should be taken a full glass of water. It can be taken with or without food. If you feel bad about taking it without food, eat a light meal before taking it. Adderall is often prescribed as a 3x/day medication or with a 6 hours gap. If Adderall is given to you for a different medical condition, remember that this can cause insomnia.

In order to be effective, this medicine should be taken regularly. Do not miss a dose. Do not take it after your medication period. Prolonged exposure to Adderall causes dependency between these two types of Adderall are as follows: it and some other side effects.

Adderall is available in two different types. If you will search the internet, you might find Adderall IR and Adderall XR. Some of the differences between these two types of Adderall are as follows:

  • Adderall IR has short acting effect of up to 6 hours while Adderall XR works up to 12 hours
  • Adderall IR has 100% immediate release while Adderall XR has 50% immediate release and 50% delayed release
  • Adderall IR is known as Mixed Amphetamine Salts (generic) and Adderall XR is known as Amphetamine Salt Combo XR (generic)
  • Adderall IR was approved in 1996 and Adderall XR was approved in 2001

Where to Get Adderall without a Prescription?

Finding an internet pharmacy that offers Adderall online and dispenses it without a prescription is a challenge. Most online pharmacies that distribute Rx medicines even without a prescription don’t offer Adderall. Adderall is one of the most expensive medicines in the market today. This is one of the reasons why it is hard to find even online.

If you are a diligent researcher though, you can find some black markets online that offer Adderall without a prescription

If you are a diligent researcher though, you can find some black markets online that offer Adderall without a prescription. One of the best ways to find such black markets is by reading Adderall online forums. This is time-consuming but it is worth it because your chance of finding a reliable source of Adderall is high. Still, if you really need Adderall because of your medical condition, it is best to talk to a doctor and get a prescription so you can order it online at a cheaper price. The truth is, this medicine is one of the hardest drugs to find online, especially if you don’t have a prescription!

How to Buy Adderall Safely From an Online Pharmacy

In order to purchase Adderall safely, you have to consider two things – first, you need to get a valid prescription from your doctor and two, you need to spend some time finding a legit online pharmacy that can provide you with a real Adderall tablet.

Adderall is an FDA approved medicine to treat ADHD

Adderall is an FDA approved medicine to treat ADHD. The reason why people abuse it is that it helps in increasing concentration. This medicine is often abused by college students who need to concentrate on their readings, papers, and exams.

For the first reason, you need to get a valid prescription in order to buy Adderall safely. With a prescription, you can easily get it refilled by a legit online pharmacy. If you find an internet drugstore that doesn’t even asks for a valid prescription, then you need to look for another pharmacy.

For the second reason, you need to find a legit online pharmacy that can refill your prescription. A legit online pharmacy like the ones from our list of recommended online pharmacies is what you need. Not all dispensaries in our list might offer Adderall but if you find one, you can take some time to verify if the said online pharmacy is legit or not.

Side Effects of Adderall

One of the known effects of Adderall is increased attention to detail. This is the reason why it is an effective treatment for ADHD. This is also the reason why some people are using it even if they do not suffer from ADHD or they don’t have a prescription. This medicine is often abused by students and people who are into sports.

Before taking Adderall, be aware that it can cause side effects such as loss of appetite, having diarrhea, feeling dizzy, having a dry mouth, development of fever, having headaches, insomnia or inability to sleep at night, nausea, vomiting, and losing weight for no reasons. It is important to take note that Adderall IR and Adderall XR have the same composition, therefore, they have the same side effects.

In case you experience any of these side effects, take a rest and do not move around. Give it an hour or two to disappear. If it persists, check with your doctor.


To buy Adderall online without a prescription is a challenge. This is one of those common prescription medicines that are prone to abuse hence it is not offered lightly especially among internet drugstores. If you want to get a legit Adderall, you better get a prescription and order it from a legit online pharmacy or from the nearest drugstore in your area.

Adderall is a prescription medicine for ADHD. It is used to stimulate the brain to improve the ability of a person to pay attention and stay focused. If you are planning to get this online, make sure to get it from a known online pharmacy to avoid becoming a scam victim.