Bestvetcare.Com Reviews: Is This The Best Place To Buy Your Pet Care Products

Medications are useful healthcare products that can completely improve the quality of a person’s life, especially if they’ve been struggling with some dreadful illness. However, it’s not only humans that benefit from these innovations. Animals, especially pets, can often be prescribed with a drug that will get rid of a health problem, such as worms and the like. Best Vet Care is one of a handful of online stores that cater to pet owners by selling these medications. But as with many businesses online, people want to be assured that the products they receive or of good quality, if they receive any at all. What do reviews have to say about this establishment?

Best Vet Care is an establishment that prides itself on the sale of different pet medications for your homely companion. Immediately upon going to the site, you’ll find that they are known for having low prices, safety and security for the information of their clients and that they only sell the top and trusted brands for pets. They have everything from heart wormers to skin or teeth care products to even nutritional supplements and horse care products.

There are plenty of things about this site that can make a pet owner wish they had found the store sooner. For example, you can order right from your home through their number or by placing an order online. You can do so by simply searching up the name of the product on the site and adding it to your virtual cart. After you’ve gotten what you need, you can sign up or log in as an existing member of the site. Signing up won’t take more than a minute or two, and you’ll get to set your payment option and details. The website has a ‘money back’ guarantee for all its users.

Five Star Testimonials from Different Customers

Five Star Testimonials from Different Customers

There are hundreds of testimonials from customers over the years that have something to say about Best Vet Care, and most of them are highly positive reviews. For some, they enjoyed the service that took care of their package, especially since they lived out in a remote area and they often had to deal with poor handling. Others noted that not only were the products high-quality, they were also cheaper to buy on site than in other pet stores selling the same product.

Best Vet Care Nexgard

One of the most popular dog products for this pet care store is Nexgard, which is a chewable treatment taken for a dog to fight off fleas, ticks, and other biting pests. It helps stops the pests from coming back to re-infect your dog. This product is beef flavored, so it doesn’t seem you’ll have any problem with getting your pet to eat them.

NexGard for Dogs Overview

NexGard for Dogs Overview

The product can work for several breeds of dogs and different sizes. In fact, the website has an impressive stock of pack sizes for the chewable as well as for the specification of the dog’s size, from small to extra-large dogs. You also have given directions for use of the product written towards the bottom of the page, as well as safety precautions and warnings. You may also read reviews from previous users and write one yourself based on the experience you had on whether it worked for your pet or not.

Is Bestvetcare.Com Safe

While there has been a lot of good things said about this pet store on site and they seem to have it all together, it doesn’t seem to be the case outside of the business. Even though the business has been around for more than 15 years online, there is a pointed lack of reviews about this store outside of the site, and whatever reviews you can find will be gravitating towards the negative. It seems that some persons have been scammed out of their money once they ordered the product and did not receive it. Scam Adviser gives the website a very low trust rating.

Bestvetcare.Com Location

One of the ways you will know whether an online site is trustworthy or not is by the fact that they clearly state their physical location. This is because the products will need a place to be shipped from, and hiding such information means that the site would not want their products to be traced back to them. This seems to be the case with Best Vet Care, as they only have a contact number and email for customers to fall on.

A Portion of the Hidden Info on the Site

A Portion of the Hidden Info on the Site

According to Scam Adviser, the website states itself to be located in the US. However, it seems that the business may actually be situated in Barbados, an eastern Caribbean island which is considered an independent nation. There is no way to know for sure where these products are coming from, as the comments on the very same page have remarked that they have received the packages from places like Germany and Singapore.


Pets can be as important to a person as one’s own family, and so their health and safety should be looked after. Best Vet care is one of a number of online pet stores that cater to selling medications that help against, worms, ticks, fleas, and the like. They assure their customers that all the products can be used without consequence and that everything is safe for their pet. They’ve also ensured that becoming a member and ordering from them will be a comfortable and easy process and that they won’t have to worry about their security while buying products like NexGard for their dogs.

Unfortunately, we can’t really know whether these claims of theirs are true, as there are almost no external reviews or accounts that back up their reputation. In fact, if anything, the lackluster reviews and skepticism over the website’s safety and location are big factors why you should think twice before ordering from here and seek the counsel of someone else who has. If you are looking for medications for people, then you can check out online pharmacies for the best quality and reliability on this list.