Tramadol On Line No Prescription

Tramadol On Line No Prescription: Legitimate Deals or Fake Products?

The face of healthcare has been changed forever due to the accessibility and ease of use of medications in treating a wide range of conditions. Aside from saving millions of lives after they were created, prescription drugs have also held the power to do so safely since they have been tested for several years before being used and sold commercially. However, this does not discount the fact that most drugs are dangerous when taken irresponsibly, so one must obtain a prescription in order to take them. Tramadol is a useful but potentially harmful drug, but can you really get it online, with no prescription?

Created over 40 years ago, Tramadol is an opioid medication that is primarily used to treat moderate and moderately severe pain. It is usually sold under the brand names of Ultram, Zytram and several others around the world in order to deal with both acute and chronic pain among individuals. The short-release form of the drug usually begins its pain-relieving effects an hour after ingestion if taken orally, however, there are many other ways to take in this drug, such as through syrups, injections, liquids, and powders that can be mixed with water. Combined with Paracetamol, the drug becomes much more potent and its pain-killing effects are increased.

Rx 2 Go Claims to sell Tramadol Without Prescription

Rx 2 Go Claims to sell Tramadol Without Prescription

However, one of the most important things to remember about Tramadol is that it is a highly controlled substance around the world. In the US, it has been designated with a Schedule IV rating based on the CSA, which mean that there is a possibility for addiction and dependence on this drug, and so you are not able to buy this drug without a prescription, unless you are willing to try your hand at an online store that will not be able to guarantee to send your medication.

Is It Illegal To Order Tramadol Online

While there are some online pharmacies that sell Tramadol, it may be difficult to find a legitimate online pharmacy that can do this, especially if the pill has a quality making it susceptible to abuse. Legitimate online pharmacies have to go through plenty of verification programs in order to prove that they are legal and to assure customers that they can be trusted. However, the vast majority of vendors supposedly selling Tramadol are selling either fake products, or they have a history of not sending any drugs back to the sender even after they have paid. It is illegal, then, to buy any Tramadol or other controlled substances online if you receive them without a prescription, in which case you may face severe consequences with the law.

Tramadol Online Overnight

When it comes to packages, many people prefer being sent their order immediately or receiving it overnight. Medications especially seem to be on rush order, with many people trying to get them shipped overnight. However, if you have been using legitimate online pharmacies, you would expect such purchases to arrive several days to weeks after you’ve ordered them, so receiving them by the next morning is not a realistic expectation, unless you live within the immediate city or district of the supplier. You’d be better off ordering from an actual pharmacy in order to get them immediately.

Price Ranges Set for Tramadol Online

Price Ranges Set for Tramadol Online

Still, there are several hundreds of advertisements on websites that offer to sell these products with a speedy delivery to your door. Sadly, these are mostly marketing ploys in order to get people to buy the product, only to receive something they did not expect or nothing at all. Aside from having an overnight shipment, other ways that you can spot a fake vendor would be checking the prices and finding a huge price difference between the lowest prices at a regular pharmacy and the ones online.

Tramadol Online Legal

Buying Tramadol online legally can be a more difficult task when you realize just how many fake vendors there are out there. Thankfully, there are some independent organizations that can help you out through their lists of approved and accredited online pharmacies. For example, if you live in the US, you can use the NABP website to find a list of accepted pharmacy websites, as well as a blacklisted website list. If you reside in Canada, you can get a list of valid pharmacies from the CIPA website, where they also give you a list of criteria that will help you differentiate real pharmacies from illegal ones.

Tramadol Prices at different Pharmacies

Tramadol Prices at different Pharmacies

While it isn’t exactly a pharmacy, an app called Good Rx can also be of use. When you type in a drug name, the site helps you find the pharmacies that are selling these products and gives you a price comparison for each establishment so that when you want to save up on buying your meds, you’ll know which pharmacy is selling it for the lowest price, and you can even get a free coupon to lower the prices more.


Tramadol is a highly useful drug for relieving someone in pain, but it has a high propensity for abuse. There are many online pharmacies and independent vendors out there willing to advertise their sale of Tramadol. But if you are looking to buy this online for recreational purposes, then you would have to do so without a prescription, which is illegal. Even if you do need the drug, you would you be ensured the actual product only by getting a proper prescription from your doctor. If you try to buy these medications through illegal means, the chances are that you’ll be getting the short end of the stick since many of these sites are simply scamming people out of their money.

If you do have a prescription and want to know where to buy online, then you can consult organizations composed of accredited pharmacies or that verify online pharmacies, such as the NABP and the CIPA. You could also check the list of prices using Good Rx to compare. Lastly, you can consult our top recommended online pharmacy list here.