Rxmedico Review

Rxmedico Review: A Med Store that You Shouldn’t Trust

Rxmedico is an online pharmacy that does not reveal any of their details. They don’t have an about page which makes it really hard to find out where they operate from or when they were established. According to their copyright at the bottom of their website, it states that the website was established in 2015. This means that they have been operating for only 3 years. When you load their homepage, you will find all the 24 products they offer. All of them are generic drugs. They include Ambien, Diazepam, Hydrocodone, Kamagra, Soma, Adderall, Xanax, and more. To say the least, the majority of the drugs that they are selling are controlled meds in the majority of the countries including the United States. After conducting our research we found that they do not ask for a prescription for the controlled drugs which is illegal in most countries.

The pharmacy claims that they accept all credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If you need to talk to their customer support department you will need to use their email address which is [email protected] You can also use their contact form available on their contact page. They don’t have a phone number. They claim that they offer fast order processing and they always process the payment within a period of 24 to 48 hours.

Rxmedico Online Pharmacy Reviews

By just looking at the Rxmedico website, you will feel that something is not right. Even the drug images that they use in their catalog don’t look great. However, we decided not to judge this online pharmacy based on their website look. We went ahead and decided to find their reviews. The following are the reviews that we found on different reviews sites.

Rxmedico Complaint (source: https://www

Rxmedico Complaint (source: https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/rxmedico/internet/rxmedico-rxmedico-is-a-scam-site-dangerous-fake-meds-internet-1332282)

The first review was from someone who claimed that he placed his order on 12th August 2016. It took seven weeks of constantly emailing them and calling the pharmacy for them to send a bunch of fake pills. He says that the website advertises credit card payment but as soon as you order, a woman will call you and make sure that you pay via western union. When you do that, you have no come back. After seven weeks of stress, his meds arrived. They looked nothing like what he had used many times before. After testing the drugs, he found that they were fake. He tried one of the pills and he did not get any good effects. The online pharmacy stole 153 dollars from him.

Rxmedico Testimonial (source: https://www

Rxmedico Testimonial

The above consumer says that Rxmedico is a liar. They state that your order has been sent and provide false tracking information. You engage with them by email and they don’t give their names or phone numbers out. His order never arrived. They then stated they will send another package via Parcel Force. They again provided a false tracking reference. They give excuses after excuses. They state that everything will be ok and ask the customer to be patient. The above reviewer lost 350 dollars.

Rxmedico Review (source: https://www

Rxmedico Review

The above user says that Rxmedico is a phony site. He paid for his orders but he never received them. They kept giving excuses, and fake tracking numbers. He says that Rxmedico is a total rip off.

From the reviews above, it is clear that Rxmedico is a pharmacy that you wouldn’t want to do business with. Once you pay for your drugs, you will never hear again from them. They will provide force tracking numbers and give excuses. They lie that they accept credit cards but they force their buyers to pay using western union.

Rxmedico Coupon

Although coupons are quite popular among online shoppers, Rxmedico did not have any of these. Maybe it is because their prices are extremely low. However, this is a website that we would not advise you to think of dealing with. This is because they will rip you off and then lie to you until you get tired and stop communicating with them.

You can still find online pharmacies which will save you your money through both discounts and coupons. These pharmacies cannot be found in the search engines. You will be able to locate these in our catalog. Every pharmacy on this list will allow you to save at least 90% on your drugs. The delivery will be timely and you will be able to contact the customer support department using both a mobile phone number or an email.

Rxmedico Viagra

Rxmedico does not sell brand drugs. The only thing that you will find on their website will be generic Viagra. The brand of generic Viagra that they had is Kamagra which is usually produced by Ajanta Pharma located in India. The cost of this drug is as follows:

Rxmedico Generic Viagra Cost

Rxmedico Generic Viagra Cost

The price for a pill when you buy 30 pills is $3.33. when you increase the number of pills to 240 per order, you will be able to reduce the price to only $1.98 per pill. They claim that shipping time will be between 10 to 12 days. This is a lie. People who have already used this site claim that it takes over 7 weeks to receive drugs. The drugs that you receive are fake. Don’t buy Kamagra from the website. Instead, use the pharmacies in our catalog to be safe.


After doing a thorough research on Rxmedico, we have determined that this is a pharmacy that you wouldn’t want to order your meds from. There are numerous reviews on the web about this pharmacy and the majority of them are negative. They lie on their website that they will take credit cards but then when you are ordering you will be forced to pay using western union just to ensure that you cannot get a refund. The best way to avoid unreliable vendors like Rxmedico is to use the pharmacies available in our top-rated catalog. We have scrutinized these pharmacies before recommending them in order to ensure that they are real.