Prjkt Ruby Coupon Code

Prjkt Ruby Coupon Code: Get Better Deals On The Best Contraceptive Pills Online

There are many times where people are willing to take a risk for themselves in order to make their life better or to get a better opportunity. For example, many patients with a rare condition will try a new or experimental medication or treatment that may either work or not, but they give it a shot because of the benefits that may be reaped. Many stories of such exist for several persons around the world, and one such event online is making a lot of women consider taking the risk. This is a program called Prjkt Ruby.

Prjkt Ruby is an online program that helps women get birth control for only $20 per month. Their vision and mission are directed to changing women’s lives by giving them more control over their sexual health and helping them choose a safe way to do so. All they really have to do is order the product they need, have their online consultation, and then wait to have their product delivered to their door. The shipping is even free.

 Off Coupon Code for Ella

$5 Off Coupon Code for Ella

There are several different products that can be found on site. They have a range of oral contraceptives ranging from brands such as Aubra, Tarina Fe, and Chateal to name a few. They also have two emergency contraception products, namely Ella and EContra, for when a woman has not been taking contraceptives or using protection but has performed intercourse and does not wish to be pregnant. All of the daily contraceptives cost $20/month. Ella is by far the most expensive product, costing $67. However, a coupon exists for this, which can be found at the link below the illustration.

If you are new to the whole thing and you don’t know which products to select or which will be appropriate for you, you need not worry. They have US-licensed medical consultants who will walk you through the process and will give you examine your case.

Prjkt Ruby Reviews

There are several reasons why the project has been so popular. For those women who cannot be covered by insurance to get birth control and who find the brand forms of it found on the market highly expensive, this is an affordable and highly helpful alternative that could change their lives. Most oral contraceptives in the US will cost about $15 to $50, but that’s already if you have some sort of health insurance coverage to make up for the prices.

One Womans Experience with Pjkt Ruby

One Woman’s Experience with Pjkt Ruby

Many women are also supporting this project for the cause it supports. Unplanned pregnancies are a huge factor for poverty in many developing countries, and many of them aren’t able to provide the enough of the basic needs and securities for their children. Because of this Prjkt Ruby donates 25 cents from each monthly purchase and donate them to Population Services International, which is a non-profit health organization operating internationally to support women’s access to different kinds of contraceptives, especially for those in the developing world.

Reassurance on Using Prjkt Ruby Products

Reassurance on Using Prjkt Ruby Products

So far it seems that many women have taken a shot at this new conceptual program and have come out extremely satisfied. Accounts of any foul play for the company or any dissatisfaction with the service or products is nearly nonexistent. In fact, many women are still having a hard time believing that it could be that easy and cheap to get good contraceptives. However, the service is only in the US, so women from other countries, unfortunately, cannot benefit from this.

Is Prjkt Ruby Legal

Of course, one big question that should be asked by customers, especially when dealing with an online store that seems too good to be true, is whether the whole operation is a legal one. This does seem to really be the case, as the doctors who give you your medical questionnaire are licensed and will actually refuse to give you the medications if they deem that they aren’t right for you. They also write the prescriptions, which go to an actual store of their company, and only then will the product be given to you.

Prjkt Ruby Reddit

A few posts will pop up if you search for this company or topic on Reddit, one of the largest online forum and discussion websites online. Many women, especially those without some form of compensation for healthcare, will ask about the nature of Prjkt Ruby and whether it is something you can put your hopes in.

Reddit Discussion Thread on Prjkt Ruby

Reddit Discussion Thread on Prjkt Ruby

So far, it seems that all the comments and responses have been nothing but positive on Prjkt Ruby and the impact it has had on the women’s lives. Granted, you cannot expect everyone on the internet to be truthful, however, the feedback given seems extremely genuine and the responses are informative and reassuring, which helps you believe that this company is one that will take care of its customers.


Prjkt Ruby is a program that is allowing women to make the decision for oral contraception by providing them with a good, affordable price from their site. Even without health insurance, women in the US can now find a way to take control their sexual health and ultimately their way of living. There are a large variety of oral contraceptives that the site is selling, and they even offer a coupon for some of the more expensive products like emergency contraception.

Just from looking at the responses on different websites, from Reddit to Facebook to independent review sites, you can see that there is a great positive outlook towards the services and that many women walk out in awe and satisfaction from buying their medications. Everything seems to be both safe and legal, as the company has an actual physical location registered for their business. However, if you are considering buying other types of medications, not just oral contraceptives, you may be interested in checking out our list of top recommended online pharmacy stores here.