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Online Meds: The Benefits And Pitfalls Of Ordering Drugs Online

In the modern day, all it takes to buy an item can be a simple click of a button. The internet is able to connect us with people from other continents, and we can easily purchase products from another part of the world. Pharmacies have used this to their advantage over the past two decades and have created online pharmacies that are dedicated to bringing medications to people worldwide. But are online medications really that much better than the usual one?

Online meds are known for being much cheaper than the ones you can buy at the drug store, but why is this so? It is mostly due to a large number of online pharmacies that are available today. More competition usually means that you have to lower your prices so that more customers will be attracted to your products. Aside from this, many pharmacies are selling medications that are created using a low production value. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the pills don’t work, it does mean that their quality can be less consistent than the ones you would find being made by huge brand name companies. However, most of the time this is not a very big concern, especially for those who are just looking for cheaper pills. Knowing this, you should look into the pills you’re buying, whether they really do their job or not, as well as the place you’re buying them from.

Online Medstore

Online med stores or pharmacies, although highly convenient, hold a lot of controversy in their discussions. On the positive side, you can get better access to the aforementioned medications that you normally wouldn’t be able to get, or that would normally be too expensive for you to afford. They usually have a large variety of stocked products on their roster, so no matter what you may be looking for, chances are that the pharmacy has it. And if they don’t you could only switch to the next one easily enough. You don’t have to go store to store by car or on foot just to compare prices or look for the drug you need.

As for the negative side, the sad truth is that more than 90% of online pharmacies are purported to be selling fake medications or will actually outright scam their customers into buying a drug that does not exist or that they don’t have. Some people have reported becoming ill from ingesting these illegal medications. In order to avoid falling prey to such websites, you have to read different reviews on the said website first or run it through another website that has the authority to verify the security and legitimacy of an online pharmacy. Consult our List of Approved Online Pharmacies recommended by other customers.

Pharmacy Mall Store

Pharmacy Mall Store

Online Meds India

A large portion of clients to online pharmacies are actually Americans due to the fact that many of their drugs are too expensive and a study has even found that half of Americans that need meds cannot purchase them due to a lack of financial resources. Many of them find that buying generic medications originating from India is a more economical choice than purchasing the usual brand name pills. A large amount of the generics coming from India are actually erectile dysfunction pills, which are ludicrously expensive in the US.

An Example of an Indian Online Pharmacy

An Example of an Indian Online Pharmacy

Sadly the standards that are set for Indian medication production or not the same as the ones set in the US. While Indian medications are not inherently bad in themselves, and many of them do the job well, the US has several policies set in place that prohibit the importation of drugs that have not yet been checked by the FDA, and what’s more, the big name pharmacies in the US do not purchase these generic medications, and any online pharmacies that do not pass through the standards of the NABP are immediately marked unsafe.

Online Meds For Dogs

If you have a pet dog, chances are that along the line, you will need to go to the vet and purchase medications for them, whether it be for fleas, heartworm or skin treatment. While it is goo to hope that your dog would stay healthy for a long time, it cannot be helped that the opportunity to buy pet meds may come. Many online stores such as 1-800-PetMeds and Doctors Foster and Smith cater specifically to the needs of most household pets.

Several Health Supplies for your Dear Pet

Several Health Supplies for your Dear Pet

As in the case of online pharmacies catered towards human customers, one must also keep an eye out while checking these sites out and verifying whether they are a legitimate store or not. However, in comparison to online pharmacies, online pet pharmacies are much harder to come by, which gives less room for deception on the part of the vendor. You may even ask your vet if they know a good pet pharmacy online that will have the product you’re looking for.


There are ups and downs to purchasing online meds. For the most part, if you find a great online pharmacy that has good reviews, cheap prices, and a security policy that protects its customers, then there is nothing to worry about and you can buy meds online to your wallet’s capabilities. However, since there are so many online pharmacies that are less than sincere about their products, new users must tread cautiously and do their homework if they are intent on continuing to buy medications online. Meds from India make up a good bulk of online pharmacies’ stocks, but it ultimately depends on whether the online pharmacy itself is willing to deal out fake drugs or if they truly check what they’re dispensing to their clients. Finally, because of the sheer number of pharmacies to browse through, you can check our top recommended list of legitimate and secure online pharmaceutical businesses and vendors at this link.