Online Canadian Pharmacy Review

Online Canadian Pharmacy Review: Buying Medications From The Internet

Canadian pharmacies have been the subject of any healthcare discussions for Western countries, especially for the US. Compared to their neighbor, the US has a much higher rate for their medications, which has been brought about by the uncontrolled pricing regulations for different pharmaceutical companies selling their pills. In contrast, Canada’s drugs are lower priced and are more affordable, while still dispensing high-quality products that many people can put their trust into. With the boom of technology and the rise of the internet, this has extended to Canadian pharmacies online. But just how dependable are these online pharmacies.

Online pharmacies are a phenomenon that started almost 20 years ago when businesses were beginning to realize they could display their products online. Since medications are some of the most commercially purchased and essential substances worldwide, especially considering that there are millions of people on maintenance and daily medications, many independent, third-party vendors and pharmaceutical companies started showing up. Ever since then, the demand for medications that you could buy simply by typing in the drug’s name, paying for it through a credit card, and then having it sent to your home, has skyrocketed, with hundreds of online vendors showing up online every week.

CIPA Homepage

CIPA Homepage

Due to Canadian pharmacies having a favorable reputation amongst their actual physical pharmacies and their prices, they are the most popularly searched pharmacies online. But one hurdle that is often quite difficult to traverse when looking for online pharmacies is the number of scam sites present, which actually constitutes about 90% of all pharmacies online, and Canadian pharmacies may not actually be “Canadian” at all. One solution to this would be to check review sites, such as Rx Stars and forums where several people are sharing their experience and personal accounts of encounters with online pharmacies. CIPA, an association made up of online pharmacies that have been found to be properly licensed, is also a good site to review the credentials of certain sites, and you can even put in the website name of a Canadian pharmacy and find out whether they are a member or not.

Online Canadian Pharmacy Legit

If you been sifting through news online, there will be quite a few articles that talk about being able to buy meds online and advocate against it. While not all pharmacies are fake or scams, it is understandable that one should be highly wary when trying to shop online, as the anonymity of the internet makes it difficult to trace a failed order back to an organization or company, so you will need to make sure the pharmacy is legitimate from the onset. There are several requirements that a pharmacy should fulfill in order to be very remotely considered legitimate.

Pharmacy Checker Homepage

Pharmacy Checker Homepage

Of course, as anyone who has bought medications in the past would know, you need to have a doctor’s prescription in order to actually buy one, and the same is required even when you buy online. Any vendors that offer products without a prescription should be cast under suspicion. You should also find out if a site clearly lists where their physical pharmacy is located, as well as their contact information. The pharmacy should also clearly state their privacy policies and other measures taken to protect the security of their customers. Pharmacy Checker, an online pharmacy review and rating site, lists the criteria which the pharmacies must meet.

Viagra Online Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

Viagra has become a household drug that almost every adult has heard of. This is because it was the very first commercialized erectile dysfunction and sexual impotence treatment that was commercialized, and it changed the way that many people thought about ED and its treatment. However, the drug is also infamous for being highly expensive, especially in the US, where a single pill could cost as much $30.

Viagra Price of Canadian Pharmacy World

Viagra Price of Canadian Pharmacy World

In desperation, many men turn to online means of purchase because of the comparatively lower prices found at internet pharmacies. The phenomenon has become so prevalent that most online pharmacies will list Viagra as one of if not their highest bestseller. You can usually find prices reduced to about half or a third of the original product for branded Viagra, and if you decide to use the generic version, you could save even more than that. As long as you buy from a legitimate pharmacy, you can be well assured of the quality of the drug.

Best Online Canadian Pharmacy Review

Due to the effort and confusion that often comes with having to find a proper online pharmacy on your own, many people try to search for the best Canadian pharmacy out there. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell which of the pharmacies is the best one, as there are so many, and there is no official organization that keeps track of such statistics. There are, however, plenty of lists that you can find from personal opinion websites, or you can check our own list of recommended and reliable pharmacies.


Online pharmacies are definitely one of the most controversial businesses online, due to the fact that they deal with selling medications, and many personalities and news stories have written them all off as fake websites. However, this is simply not the case as there are many legitimate online pharmacies out there that cater efficiently to the needs of their clients.

While Canadian pharmacies have great reputations in real life, many of their online variations are not, in fact, Canadian businesses but are actually scam sites. But licensed Canadian pharmacies can be found by checking through websites like Pharmacy Checker, which evaluates the criteria that certain pharmacies have completed, and CIPA, an organization that includes pharmacies that they have already determined to be licensed.

While it can be hard to tell if it would really be safe to buy Viagra from a certain online pharmacy, doing a bit a research into the establishment can leave you more assured to buy from them or not. Also, you can find some pharmacies that we have already deemed legitimate and have recommended to our readers here.