Kiwi Drug Promo Code

Kiwi Drug Promo Code: New Zealand’s Online Pharmacy

According to their website, Kiwi is an online pharmacy that prioritizes the promotion of quality healthcare by providing and offering affordable medicines around the world. At a very low price, all medicines offered by Kiwi Drugstore are of high quality. To make it easier for their customers to have access to their medications, Kiwi also offers promo codes.

To date, Kiwi has two promo codes that customers can take advantage of. The first one is a discount of up to 50% on selected Kiwi products. If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can also get up to 25% discount on your Kiwi drug purchase.

Another promotion they offer is the 25% off on all Kiwi products, regardless of which state you are in. the promo code is CM17.

Giving out a promo code is one way for online pharmacies to attract new customers. It is also their way of saying thank you to their existing and loyal customers. Kiwi has been operating for the last 40 years. It is located in New Zealand and they have been collaborating with New Zealand health agencies in order to widen their reach. Among the products they offer are medicines for allergy, cough and cold, pain relief, arthritis, beauty and cosmetic products, diabetes medication, digestive health medication, ear and eye care, smoking cessation drugs, herbal supplements, vitamins and herbals, weight loss pills, and topical solutions.

Kiwi Drug Reviews

For being in the healthcare for the last 4 decades, we were curious as to how Kiwi Drug is performing based on their customers’ assessment and experiences. Luckily, we were able to pick up a few customer reviews from this internet drugstore.

Kiwi Drug Customer Reviews

Kiwi Drug Customer Reviews

The first review we found was shared by JC. JC wrote to thank the Kiwi Drug team for their support and patience in taking care of his order problem. He said that he was happy because all of his orders arrived and were in perfect condition. JC promised to continue being a Kiwi customer because of the good service he received.

Another review we found was shared by Sue. Sue wrote that the people who helped her were nice and that she appreciated the help they gave her. The same feeling was shared by CW who appreciated the good experience he had with Kiwi.

The last customer review we found was shared by J.B who loves the new shipping method offered by Kiwi Drug. J.B availed of the priority express international shipping and he was happy that his order arrived in time, faster than his previous orders.

All of the customer testimonials shared for by Kiwi customers are positive.

Kiwi Drug Free Shipping

Kiwi Drug is shipping order via DHL Global Mail. The regular shipping fee is $10 NZD. All orders are fulfilled in their NZ facility at 96 Great South Road, Papakura, Auckland. Although its fulfillment center is NZ, the customer service team of this online pharmacy is located at 5765 Turner Road Unit #1 Suite #185, Nanaimo, British Columbia, V9T 6M4, Canada. Some orders are billed with the higher shipping fee, depending on the country of destination.

Kiwi Drug offers free shipping on all orders above $100 USD.

From DHL Global Mail, all orders will be turned over to your local postal carriers. All orders are turned as regular first class mail. Some countries that offer EMS shipping will use EMS for local deliveries. EMS shipping requires a signature from the receiver.

All orders are charged in $NZ and are converted to USD before it gets charged to your bank. This is the reason why sometimes, the price on your billing statement might look different. This is due to the fluctuation in the exchange rate between NZ dollars to US dollars.

Kiwi Drug Payment

Kiwi Drug has three options when it comes to taking payment. The first option is paying with a credit card where the charge will appear as ‘Kiwi online sales.’ The other options are by mailing a personal check or by fund transfer. Fund transfer is allowed if you have a dollar account.

Kiwi Drug Payment Form

Kiwi Drug Payment Form

For credit card payment, the type of cards accepted is Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and AmEx. At times, Kiwi Drug also runs payment promotions where they offer big discounts. During a promotion, they don’t accept credit card payment and requires fund transfer or mailing of a personal check.


Kiwi Drug is an internet pharmacy that has been operating for the past 40 years. This internet store offers over the counter medicines such as allergy remedies, cough and cold relief, vitamins and herbals, and weight loss pills. Kiwi Drug has a facility in New Zealand where their products are being sent. Their main office though is located in Canada.

All medicines offered by Kiwi are dispensed thru licensed pharmacists and are from licensed facilities. This online pharmacy requires a prescription for all of their prescription medicines. You would know that a medicine is an Rx drug because it has a blue box next to it.

For more information about Kiwi Drug and what they offer, you can contact them at 888 380 3779. You can also shoot them an email at [email protected] or by contacting them thru their ‘contact us’ page.

If you are looking for a medicine that Kiwi is not offering, you can also check our list of highly trusted and recommended online pharmacies. Before ordering online, check for red flags that indicate if you are dealing with an illegitimate website. Always watch out for red flags like very affordable medicines and too good to be true promotions. Online pharmacies offer cheaper medicines because of the cheaper operational cost but it does not mean that they can give away their products.