Genpills Should You Check Out This Online Pharmacy?

Pills, capsules, and tablets are some of the most common forms of prescription medications around the world. The impact of these healthcare revelations cannot be stressed enough, since they have saved millions of people’s lives, and will continue to do so as research goes on for better drugs. For many, taking a pill can mean the difference between a good and a bad day, and the quality also matters if they want to get the desired effect. Many people are concerned about the rising prices of drugs, especially when they’re living in the US. And this seems to be where online pharmacies like GenPills come along.

In general, online pharmacies have been a driving competitor of the large chain pharmacy companies that dot the world. While for a normal pharmacy, you would be expected to travel there and wait for the pharmacist to confirm your prescription before getting your pills. While an online pharmacy would work much the same way, you would need only to stay at home and have an internet connection to order online. Plus, you can actually expect for the pills to be delivered to your home for a reasonable shipping fee. The beauty of online pharmacies is how convenient they can be and how easy it is to place an order. Once you’ve already become a member or signed up for an account, getting refills becomes an easy task.

GenPills Homepage

Online pills go by many names, and at times you could even find more than two pharmacies sharing the same name. Gen Pills is such a case, with at least two websites being found that associate to this name, both with differing layouts. One of the sites offered free shipping to any and all locations, as well as promising their clients that they were selling top-rated, high-quality medications that were considered number 1 by medical professionals. Another site convinced customers that they had a wide variety and stock of different medications and that prices were low and affordable for those who need to save their money. Unfortunately, however, it seems that one of these sites has since been taken down, and the other is not accessible by most people.

Genpills.Com Review

These are some of the many ways that these websites can lure more customers to peruse their site, especially when setting up a fake online pharmacy is as easy as creating a website and claiming to sell what you don’t actually have. One way to find out about a website’s legitimacy is to read up a clear and concise on them, such as how they do service, the quality of their products, how they handle dealing with customer or problems with shipping, and so on.

Positive Reviews for GenPills

Positive Reviews for

It seems that had been taken down after a three-year run due to some legal issues that the government took into their hands. If this is really the case, then it may have been a good thing in the end that such a site was taken down. While there haven’t been substantial reviews found on, there are a good number of customer feedback for It seems as though the website does well for its customers. They seem satisfied with their medications, both for the quality as well as the short wait they had to endure. It also seems that whenever help was needed, customer service was able to provide excellent assistance.

Genpills.Com Coupon didn’t seem to have any lingering coupons floating around, and considering their inactive status, it’s just as well. However, still has coupons being offered at other websites hosting deals and offers, with some of these being used as recently as just a few days ago, which shows that some people are still using the site to buy their medications.

5% and 10% Discount Code for GenPills

5% and 10% Discount Code for

Coupons for online websites, as in real life, are used to lower down prices of products, such as getting 5 or 10% off of a certain product or getting $10 off of a single time purchase, which can really help to save on cash. While on some websites you can simply click on the coupon and it will redirect you to the website, some online pharmacies may have you manually typing in the coupon code.

Is Genpills Legit?

While seems to be a lost cause, may still have some promise. One unfortunate thing that you need to remember, however, is that even with good reviews and an official-looking website, many online pharmacies can still be disguised as legal ones while being fakes. Reviews could be forged, and the fact that they are not immediately accessible to people all over the world is already a bit questionable. If you want to try it still, you will need to survey their site and check out the criteria that would make them a legitimate site, criteria of which can be found at the NABP or Pharmacy Checker website.


As a platform for selling medications, online pharmacies have certainly gained a lot of attention from both buyers and sellers. Due to the large demand, plenty of online pharmacies pop up, and it may be inevitable that two or more would end up having a name like Gen Pills, which is short and hits home to the medications. But, when it comes to the fate of these sites, it can be a bit uncertain. seems to be taken down after a few years of its run online, however, the name still lingers in the form of, a site that, while seemingly still in operation, has limited accessibility for some users.

While there are still plenty of reviews being written about the site and even coupons that can help you lower the costs, is still a website that remains to be seen as a truly legitimate business. By checking their credentials such as if they provide a physical location for their pharmacy or if they require buyers to how their prescriptions, you can better arm yourself against scam sites. You can find legitimate and top-rated online pharmacies recommended on our list here.