FAQs About Food Poisoning

What happens in food poisoning?

You may sometime become very ill with the food poisoning problems after you eat the food that is supposed to contains the bacteria, or viruses, or some other harmful things or organisms for the body of us. In most of the cases of the food poisoning the patient is supposed to follow the similar general course of it which is being explained in the lines given below.

After you eat to the contaminated food, the probability is high that there is the time called an hours-to-days delay after which you can notice to the symptoms of the food poisoning. In the whole process the contaminating organism is supposed to passes through the various parts of the inner organism through the stomach to the parts of the intestine, and then attaches to the side of the intestinal walls and then does also starts beginning to get multiplied. There are some of the organisms which are supposed to stay in side of the intestine only and, some can also produce a type of toxin that is then supposed to get absorbed in the bloodstream and hence it can directly invade to the body tissues. Hence your symptoms will depend mostly on the various types of the organism which is supposed to infect you.

What increases the risk of food poisoning?

People who are at an increased risk from becoming ill due to the cause of the food poisoning and then also of having many more severe symptoms which includes the following

Pregnant women.

Older adults.

Young children.

People who are with the impaired or problematic immune system such as the people who had the problems like diabetes.

Factors which are supposed to increase the risk of developing the food poisoning usually include

Drinking or eating the unpasteurized raw sprouts, juices, unpasteurized milk and the milk products which are made of the unpasteurized milk such as the certain soft materials like soft cheeses.

Eating raw or the undercooked meat like of poultry, the eggs, meat of fish and the shellfish like the clams or oysters or scallops or mussels.

Drinking or eating food that is supposed to be contaminated with the possible careless food handling or processing.

The other reason sometime might be traveling to the other developing country.

When the food poisoning happens

The food poisoning is supposed to happen when any person like you ate some of the foods which is supposed to be contaminated. The contamination in the food might be due to any one of the many possible reasons. Mostly it happens due to bad or dirty processing of food. The other reasons might also because of the contaminated raw food products or contaminated utensils etc.