Drugstore.Com Promotion Code: Discover Ways To Lower Prices Online

Some of the most commonly used substances today are medications, and with good reason. With our population growing older each day, many people are using drugs to keep their conditions and diseases in check. Medications can alleviate pain, reduce discomfort, and even keep one from passing away. Drugstores can be found in pretty much every town and city around the world for people to gain access to the necessary medications. But with the advent of the internet, things have changed. Instead of going to the pharmacy, the pharmacy can now straight to our computers, just like with Drugstore.com.

Drugstore.com is one of a group of thousands of pharmacies that can be found online. While it seems difficult to wrap your head around buying medications online, it’s actually the natural step in the process, what with websites like eBay and Amazon becoming highly popular as shopping sites. Many people can resonate with the benefits of an online drugstore, from the convenience of being able to order or refill prescriptions at home, to the fact that delivers will be brought straight to your door. A lot of competition happens online, too, so you can expect prices to be lower for meds online that they normally would be.

The Usual Layout of Coupons Codes

The Usual Layout of Coupons Codes

Drugstore.com and many other online vendors and websites invent several ways by which to attract prospective customers, so they thought up the coupon and promotional codes for their buyers to use. Just like in an actual store, a coupon would give you better deals for your purchase. You could have a few dollars slashed off your order, or a percentage discount if you buy a certain product. There are a lot of sites that host the coupons for online pharmacies.

Unfortunately, while Drugstore.com does stills seem to have coupons put up on its website, the site itself has recently been shut down.

Drugstore.Com The Uncommon Drugstore

The Uncommon Drugstore, which is what Drugstore.com was often called, seems to have been taken down since 2016, so if you’re searching for it in order to use it, you’re out of luck. Many of the links that used to direct to the website have either stopped working to reveal a blank page, or they will redirect you to another pharmacy, namely Walgreens. But why would these two companies be related? It turns out that back in 2011, Walgreens had acquired Drugstore.com along with another website called Beauty.com. The online store became the major center of online medications operations for a long time, five years, in fact.

The Notice to Drugstore

The Notice to Drugstore.com and Beauty.com Users

However, it seems that Walgreens was shifting their attention in favor of their own brand online website, so they shut down the operations of the now unnecessary Drugstore.com. Sadly, it is a very common occurrence for online pharmacy websites to get taken down, but in this case, it is less because they were performing operations illegally and more because of the circumstances of their ow company. Reviews for the website left over on the internet reveal that some persons highly favored the site and were disappointed to see it go, while many others had gotten subpar service from them and said good riddance.

Walgreens Coupon Code

In contrast to most of the internet pharmacies you’ll find, which are operating independently and with their main sales occurring online, Walgreens is a mega-store chain in the US which has several branches across their continent. The scale of their reach is much larger, and so expanding online was a convenient strategy for them. As with many other online stores, you can log in with your account and have your information set up securely on the site so that pharmacists can more easily dispense your drugs.

Coupons for Walgreens Online

Coupons for Walgreens Online

Walgreens also has a number of coupons for their products, as well, with as much as 20 or 25% off of orders. However, along with the online pharmacy selection, you also have a great number of other products related to other fields that you’d find at a department store. Whether this is a good thing or not is solely up to the buyer.

Drugstore Online

While Drugstore.com may no longer exist, there are plenty of other drugstore websites that could just be your cup of tea. Online Drugstore is a site where you can peruse a large selection of different health products for all occasions. You can find household pet products, first aid supplies, herbal vitamins and supplements, many kinds of beauty products, and even baby care products. The homepage lets you know that they’ve been considered a top website in the nation and offer free shipping for purchases at $50 and up.

Online Drugstore Homepage

Online Drugstore Homepage

While the website does seem very reliable, the biggest downside is that they do not sell any medications. They have some over the counter pills, but that’s about it. If you’re looking to buy prescription meds, then this won’t be the place for you.


Online drugstores have emerged as part of the newest method of purchasing goods, which is through the internet. As everything becomes more accessible, it becomes easier and more convenient for people to buy the products that they need. Places like Drugstore.com have gained a large following of people who sign up as members in order to make better use of the site, while also making use of the coupons and promo codes that had been available. Unfortunately, Drugstore.com, along with beauty.com, has been taken down by their parent company, Walgreens, because of a shift in the focus of where they wanted to sell their goods and products. Thus, if you try to go on to Drugstore.com, it will often redirect to Walgreens own website instead.

However, Walgreens, too, is a commendable site that features a large array of different products, and they also have their own coupons, so it will be worth checking them out. You can also check out another website called Online Drugstore that has its own share of products ranging from personal care to pet care. If you’re searching for a pharmacy that sells medications online, you can find some good recommendations on our list here.