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BigMountainDrugs – Is Big Mountain Drugs Pharmacy Legit?

Our world is quickly accelerating into a realm of high technology. We have thousands of things today that have made our lives more convenient and accessible than they’ve ever been. However, with the rising progress can also mean a rise in prices, especially when it comes to healthcare. Getting decent medications can come with a huge price tag. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Through online pharmacies, you can actually get more for your money on much-needed medications than actually going to a pharmacy down the street. One example of this would be Big Mountain Drugs.

BigMountainDrugs - Is Big Mountain Drugs Pharmacy Legit?
Big Mountain Homepage

When some people think of a pharmacy, the last place they would look is on the internet. However, online pharmacies have been around for about two decades now, and they have been extremely popular around the world as an easier and more financially beneficial means of getting medications. Big Mountain Drugs is a Canada-based pharmacy, like many others, that offers customers a chance to get their medications by simply going on to the website, typing in their desired drug, adding it to the cart, and then inputting the needed info for them to deliver your purchase to you.

Reviews with Positive Comments to Big Mountain Drugs

So far, a lot of people have visited this establishment and have left satisfied with their purchases. A number of reviews will show you that despite the site being one where people will unload their complaints, Big Mountain Drugs has had few bumps in the road to speak of. One person recalls a moment when the company had lost track of their fax but corrected the problem to their best abilities. They also refunded a package that had been taken at US Customs. While there are also a number of dissatisfied reviews, overall the quality of the service seems to keep most of their customers coming back for more.

Is Big Mountain Drugs Legit?

For many, it’s not enough to show a number of good reviews and deem the website or pharmacy as a good one. After all, many of these can be forged. It can be difficult to find out if an establishment online really is the real deal- an actual, legal pharmacy operating under international laws for selling medications. Thankfully, Big Mountain Drugs does seem to be one you can trust.

Pharmacy Checker’s Profile for Big Mountain Drugs

Pharmacy Checker is one of the internet’s few websites that list verified pharmacies online to let you know which ones you can trust. On their profile, they’ve set up a checklist containing relevant information on Big Mountain Drug’s status as a legitimate pharmacy. The pharmacy has a physical address found in Surrey, with a toll-free number you can use to call the business directly. Customer Care has actual customer service employees on standby at certain office hours specified on their website to ensure you can get your questions answered when you need them to be. This means you can order online, but also have the option to order on the phone or through fax and mail.

Big Mountain Drugs Coupon

Drugs at this site and many other online pharmacies are noticeably much lower than their real-life counterparts. This is due to many reasons, such as the large amount of competition that is present online, as well as their accessibility to drugs that are manufactured in many other countries in order to keep their prices competitive. Big Mountain Drugs is no exception, as you can actually see by the name and price of every drug the country of origin. So, if you prefer cheaper products, you can find the ones made in India and Turkey to be priced lower than ones originally made in Canada.

Coupons give Plenty of Discounts and Offers

Coupons are another way you can chip off at that price tag on your medications. Like in real life, coupons will allow you a discount or a deduction of a set price from your purchase, which could either be the bulk purchase or a specific product. You can find deals like this at and other coupon stores out there.

Big Mountain Drugs Cialis

Across nearly all online pharmacies that sell the product, the bestsellers will often be the erectile dysfunction medications. Online pharmacies and ED pills go together well since many men do not want to deal with the stigma that comes with buying a bottle of Viagra at the counter where a pharmacist will be watching.

Cialis Pricing

Of course, while you will still need a prescription to buy the drugs, which entails going to your doctor, you have the luxury and privacy and getting your drug shipped to you with discretion. The price is also a major help since ED pills are quite expensive. They go for about $30-40 at the regular US market, but if you take a good look at these prices, 8 pills at a value of $175 would mean a value of about $22 per pill, which is not a bad deduction at all.


Big Mountain Drugs has been in business for a significant amount of time, and in the time period, they have managed to gain a good following of members who have set up accounts on the site so that they could better avail of the services and the rewards that come with using the website. You can find the drugs you need, order them off the internet, and have them shipped discreetly to your door. Many people have been satisfied by this service. Aside from the stellar prices, you can find a lot of coupons that are catered specifically to Big Mountain Drug users. The website is also one that you can trust, with a large amount of information and insurance given to its customers to ensure a steady store-to-customer relationship. You can check their membership on many online pharmacy verification organizations.

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