Some General Statistics Of The Eating Disorders

It is eating disorder which is going to become more and more prevalent these days. The anorexia nervosa and the bulimia nervosa are the two major forms of eating disorders prevalent these days. The most common Eating disorders statistics are given below.

Anorexia nervosa statistics – It is estimated that around 1 to 4.2 percent of the women has at least once in their life time been suffered from one or other type of the eating disorders specially the anorexia.

The mortal rate of this particular mental illness disorder is also highest than any other type of mental disorder.

The statistics tells that almost 4% of the patients suffering from this eating disorders die. Another fact extracted from statistics is that around only a third portion of the individual suffering from this kind of disorder get any form of the medication or treatment for the same.

Bulimia nervosa statistics – Considering the bulimia nervosa type of eating disorder it can be said that around 4% of the women suffer through the bulimia nervosa at least once in their life time. Only 3.9 % of the females suffering from this kind of disorder die from it. On considering the term of the proportion of the patient getting medication of like this disease is usually equal to 6% of the total people suffering.

General statistics – Generally when considered the things related to eating disorder it is found that in total around ten million females along with one million males in the whole world are suffering from it. Almost four people out of ten have either experienced the problems related to eating disorder or just know someone who is suffering from the eating disorder.

Male and female eating disorder – over the lifetime it is found that 9 % women and 3 % of men suffers through the anorexia type of eating disorder. And at the same time 1.5 % of women and the 5 % of men suffers from the bulimia nervosa type of eating disorder.

The rate of prevalence of one or other kind of eating disorder among the adolescent person is calculated as 2.7 %. It is the rate which is found among the teenagers that is among the people of ages 13 to 18 year old.

In total the rate of spread of eating disorder among the students is calculated as 30 % teenage boys and in 50 % teenage girls. It is also common among those who practices fasting, skip meals or take laxatives to lose weight.

They are the common eating disorder statistics.